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If you held the map in your hands

The most incredible set of life strategy tools

Vedic Psychology differs in many ways from western contemporary psychology, but perhaps one of the most significant differences is that it provides us with an exceptionally powerful set of life strategy tools.


Western psychology deals will how PAST events and circumstances have shaped us, whereas Vedic Psychology places an equal focus on what FUTURE events and opportunities will come our way and how best to deal with them for our highest benefit.

This unique future orientated viewpoint gives us an immensely powerful toolkit to help us cope with the seemingly ever-changing curved balls that life throws in our path. Vedic Psychology has a very detailed branch of knowledge that reveals to us the blow-by-blow dynamics that we will face in our lives, not just on a yearly or monthly level, but even on a daily level. 


How better to plan for the future when you already know in advance

where the road is going?


 When you are able to prepare yourself before the event to take advantage of positive potential opportunities or avert dangers in the road, you are truly in a unique position to make the most of what life is offering at any single time in your life.

Life's tidal time-table

I often think that life is like an ocean tide.


We know it is easier to swim towards the shore when the tide is coming in, but it takes considerably more effort to swim out. It can be done, but it takes a lot more work and focused effort to get out beyond the breakers.


In life, we have many different tides all operating at the same time  …. each tide corresponding to a different aspect of life, like health or finances or family life; like business and career, or self development and healing.


Vedic Psychology allows us to look at these different areas of life not just at a big picture level, but also on a much finer micro level.  It allows us to go into exquisite detail in every aspect of life ….such as when it is a supporting time to look for a new job, or when to submit that important report to your boss for maximum positive exposure, or when is a good energy to launch your new business. When should you put all your energy behind maximising your investments and wealth development, and when should you exercise caution. When is the best time to buy a new home, invest in property, be family focussed, go back to study, have a baby?  

When we are working WITH the flow of cosmic energy, things are effortless and fall into place with ease.

It's all about exercising right action at the right time.

But, here is where it gets really exciting.  It allows us to really liberate ourselves from blockages, barriers, unhealthy or non constructive belief systems, so that we can harness our gifts and talents, our strengths, our latent karmic knowledge ... so that we can step into our DHARMA.

If you could discover what you were supposed to be doing with your life at this moment .... wouldn't you want to know?

Imagine the possibilities in life you could have if you knew each month what activities will be supported and which not?

No more fighting against the tides, doing activities that are just hard and energy draining.  When you know which activities are supported by the tide, and channel your energy and focus on these, they become easy to do. Now, we start to unlock the true power of cosmic support.


Don't worry about not doing the unsupported activities, the tide will change and the time will come when those will become easy to do. 


Deeply personalised, working off your UNIQUE Jyotish Chart


 Jyotish is Vedic Astrology, and has been around for millenia. It is described as the point of Divine Balance ... and by studying your unique chart, we are able to see your strengths, weaknesses, gifts and talents, sabotages, potential and shadows. 

We can see your karmic load, as well as the reactions to your karmic actions. We can read your Dharma, in the big and little things.

By working intensely with the secrets unlocked in our chart, we are given a powerful blueprint of how we unleash our highest potential. In every situation. Every relationship. Every endeavour.





Real power

Vedic Mapping is your blueprint for every area of your life!










Karmic Action

Personalised, powerful,

potential-unlocking strategies


There is a big difference between being efficient and being effective! Being efficient is doing some task with minimum effort involved. Like having a knitting machine that can knit jerseys in minutes instead of manually knitting for hours. This is efficiency. 


Effectiveness is something altogether different. Effectiveness is doing the right thing at the right time.

You can be very efficient at some task that is simply the wrong thing to do in the first place, like knitting jerseys in minutes on a tropical island. Effectiveness is doing the right thing at the right time. And even if we do the right thing inefficiently, it still brings far better results than doing the wrong thing efficiently.








But, now imagine if we can do the right thing efficiently - this is when real power comes into play. But how do we know what is the effective thing to do? This is exactly the answer that Vedic Life Mapping will give you.


It will show you the timetable of what is the effective thing to do in your life at each point in time of your life. To bring real power into life you can prepare yourself for these 'right' times and by being pre-prepared you can execute them 'efficiently' as well.

Isn't it time to unlock your real power and reach your full potential?

Vedic Life Mapping is a series of unique premium product offerings brought to you by Susan Schöning and The Soul Lighthouse. It is a premium product because it requires careful analysis, preparation and expertise before execution - a lifetime of training, and therefore carries a premium price tag.

Due to the effort and commitment involved from my side, space is severely limited so act soon to reserve your seat to real power.

This unique offer is limited to only ten people per annum.

  • We start with an intensive introductory process, where we do a detailed analysis of the dynamics of your life.  This is your life blueprint.

  • We do an annual mapping session with a personalised timetable of what the year will bring and what activities will be best supported and which not. This is your life map for the coming year.

  • A two hour monthly mapping session and a detailed personalised monthly timetable.

  • A 90 minute fortnightly session where each step of the way is carefully planned and supported. At this level, powerful coaching and Vedic Psychological tools and techniques will be employed unique to your situation, allowing you to unlock life’s full potential, every day.

  • The program will run for 46 weeks of the year.

  • You will also receive videos, podcasts, pdf's, worksheets, group calls, webinars, meditations, every month, all relevant to the process.

The prices quoted below are annual costs.



Targetted at the individual who is ready to unlock their potential and step into their purpose!





In the VEDIC INTENSIVE, we meet weekly instead of fortnightly, so you receive an additional 12 one-on-one sessions with Sue.





Less intense, or spread over 6 months instead of 12.





To support your teen or young adult with subject and career planning, study programmes, and to assist in navigating through the turbulence of high school and varsity.





Whether you are starting out in business, trying to navigate into new territory, expand and grow, or survive a downturn, Vedic Business Mapping marries your natural talent with nature support





This programme has been designed to support a family of 4. Each family member receives 12 indepth sessions  during the year.



Susan has over 30 000 hours of client experience in Vedic Mapping, and over the past 22 years has added many different modalities and methodologies to her practice: She has a unique skillset to be able to determine from your life map what is the best tool, modality or methodology to use in each circumstance that will prepare you for the coming events.

This combination of Vedic Life Mapping with Susan’s proven skills in life coaching using a multitude of modalities, make this product a unique offering that is indeed rare in the world.

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