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Battling through Infertility.

One of the loneliest places I have ever been.

Coping Strategies for Infertility. 

with Susan Schöning

Compassionately supporting you when you need it most.

There are no accidents in life.  If you are reading this page, you are either here because you are struggling to conceive or carry a baby to term ... or you are here because you are supporting a friend or a loved one through this painful and heartbreaking journey.


Lets face it: Infertility sucks.  It has to be one of the hardest experiences a couple can go through. And although we might have heard that 1 in 6 couples will struggle to have the baby they so desperately long for, we never really think that it will happen to us.


Until it does.




There is a unique pain that comes from

preparing your heart for the baby that never comes 


David Platt

I have been there, exactly where you are now.

10 years of infertility.

Countless miscarriages.

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Hi, my name is Sue, and I am here to tell you that there is a way through this.


It's like being trapped in some kind of hell with moments of delirious hope; like being on some crazy rollercoaster of emotions, cascading between desperation, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, hope, despair, hope; like going through life looking oh so normal on the outside, and feeling oh so ragged and raw on the inside.


It took ten years of infertility treatment before I fell pregnant with my daughter - and then in the way that it so often happens, I fell pregnant naturally immediately with my son.


I understand how soul destroying this journey is and how it bleeds into every single aspect of our life.  The longing, the deep ache, the permeating sadness, the hope that assaults us month after month, IVF cycle after cycle.


I know, from personal experience, how hard it is to lose a much wanted pregnancy - over and over.  And I truly get how difficult it is to keep positive, when every fibre of your being is screaming with anxiety and fear.




You are not alone.

1 in 6 couples will struggle to fall pregnant.

1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage.

From the outside, looking in, you can never understand it.

From the inside, looking out, you can never explain it.


Anne Pratt

What you will discover ...


  • How you and your partner can support each other along the journey

  • Constructive empowering techniques to help you both  -- whether you are facing your next natural cycle or undergoing Infertility Treatment -- or even taking a break for a while

  • Healing, support and focussed, effective coaching one on one and in online group settings

  • Coping strategies for loss, anger, despair, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, fear --- and also for those moments when you feel overwhelmed with sadness and grief

  • Meditations, visualisations and techniques to help you no matter where you are in the process

  • How to put down the obsession when it threatens to consume you

  • Focussed action plans to empower you -  body, mind and spirit



  • And so much more


Who this programme is for


  • Anybody who is struggling to conceive

  • Single Moms who are going it alone

  • Same sex couples who are exploring surrogacy, or working with sperm or egg donors

  • Couples who are on the IVF / Fertility Treatment track

  • Compassionate support and holding through miscarriage in the first or second trimester

  • If you have experienced a late pregnancy loss or stillbirth

  • Trying again after loss

  • If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, fear or stress 

  • Helping couples to support each other.






Sue has been helping couples to navigate through the turmoil of infertility, miscarriage and late pregnancy loss for the past 20 years. She combines her own personal experience with infertility and repeated pregnancy loss with her holistic psychotherapeutic toolbox to teach constructive, supportive and compassionate strategies designed to transition you through the pain and loss to a place of healing and peace.

Choose a package that is right for you


Monthly programme

  • Weekly laser targetted, one on one sessions 

  • 1 Emergency Intervention Session per month

  • Individualised support via whatssup, email or messenger



Group Calls and Support Webinars

Video, podcasts and workbooks relevant to where you are in the process

Meditations, visualisations and exercises




12 week programme

  • 8 laser targetted one on one sessions to be used over a 12 week period

  • (Top up sessions available)



 Group Calls and Support Webinars

Video, podcasts and workbooks relevant to where you are in the process

Meditations, visualisations and exercises

Total investment:



“Sue has walked with me through some of the darkest moments of my life. When I felt so alone on this road, I knew that she absolutely understood where I was, because she has been there herself.” 


—  Cory, mom of 2 year old twin girls

Sometimes, just carrying on is the

superhuman achievement

Albert Camus

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