Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

We think that our guiding light

has to be 'out there' somewhere ...

Lighthouses just stand there. Shining.

Once we have worked together in your SOUL DISCOVERY SESSION, we are able to craft a coaching programme that is unique to you and personally crafted around your situation.


The result is an intensely personal, intimately relevant coaching programme that enables you to dig deep within to discover your skills and talents, gifts and capabilities and how and where to manifest them.  We look at your weaknesses and challenges, your struggles and vulnerabilities, and plan a course of action where we work around these by maximising our strengths and working around our fragile areas.


We work through our sabotages and shadows, our inner monsters and negative belief systems, our archetypes and inner voices, in such a way that we are able to heal and release on a very profound level.


Illuminate what is, so that you can move from darkness into light.

Shadow Work

As much as we wish it were otherwise, the world is not simply made up of 'Love and Light'. The journey toward to self, and true self-empowerment means that we have to come to terms with our Shadow Self. In these sessions we begin a healing relationship with our Shadow Self, becoming aware of the strength, the sabotage, the sadnesses that lie here. 


Through sacred dialogues, through healing and awareness, through cognitive NLP processes, we harness and truly begin to liberate the power of our shadow-self.


What is your relationship dance? Is it constructive, empowering, uplifting, edifying to both partners? Or is it more like a dance of relationship hell?  Each one of us repeat unresolved childhood wounds, patterns and programmes that get expressed in our relationships, that can trip us up and destroy what we long for the most.


In these sessions we explore connection, compatibility, communication and closeness, in terms of your relationship with each other, so that you can create the bonds of love that you truly desire.


Depression and Anxiety

Wounded healers are made, not born. Honed by their own personal story, panel beaten by their own journey into darkness and shadow, their own battles with depression and anxiety.


'I have been there, too many times to count. I have struggled with the energy of inadequacy, less than, not enough, and the deep pain of rejection and loss.... and so I understand this world intimately. I also know that it is a prison that one can break free from. It took me nearly 40 years to discover how to break free from my own personal hell, and now that I am on the outside, I would like to help you break free from yours...'


Sue has intense personal experience with both infertility and repeated miscarriages, and so is able to bring enormous compassion and deep understanding to the subject. She struggled with her own infertility for over ten years, before she was able to fall give birth to her deeply longed for daughter. Now she is the mother of two, but retains a very deep awareness of the physical journey and the emotional rollercoaster that ensues.


These sessions are soft, gentle, healing and very empowering for both partners involved.

Family Archetypes

When we examine the family constellation from an energetic and an archetypal perspective, we are able to move into deep understanding, release and forgiveness.


It allows us to release long held belief systems, and destructive programming and blueprints that have run our lives for so long.  By entering into a sacred dialogue with all the members of our family, we are able to collapse woundings, pains, and limiting behaviours.


Deeply profound on every level!

Sacred Dialogues

We all play so many different roles in life, often interchanging between them many times each day.  I can be a mother,a wife, a healer, a numerologist, a house wife, a cook, a consumer, a friend all in one day. Each voice is an integral part of the role that we play ... but sometimes they contradict each other, and chaos ensues!


We enter into a Sacred Dialogue with each part of us, so that we understand the role, the behaviour and what they are trying to achieve. We put together a game plan that each part of us can accept, support and truly get behind -- so each 'part' can focus on his or her own work in a way that supports the collective goal of everyone.


A very empowering process!

Loss and Transition

Divorce. Death. Loss of Business, Money, Job. Each one of these is a huge ending. As part of our identity is stripped away with each loss comes the question: How do I survive this? How do I get over this? How do I get moving again? Who the hell am I supposed to be now?


These sessions are very gentle, but allow you to constructively express your anger and grief, overcome the fear and anxiety, and prepare you to re-integrate with your life again after a major life loss.



This programme was born out of Sue's personal experience and need as a caregiver to her father in law, when he moved in with them for the last few years of his life.


More and more adults are finding themselves in the 'sandwich' years, between aging parents and young teenagers - their needs couldn't be further apart! It is an intense time --- looking after children, house, marriage and business - and then having to learn how to adapt, cope, understand, expand and skill up to be able to add Caregiver Skills and understanding into the mix as well. 


Sue helps caregivers to navigate this journey with enormous compassion, understanding and teaches invaluable resources and resilience to be able to cope with this challenging life phase.


We work one on one with students, helping them to make the transition from scholar to student, and to find a studying rhythm and routine that maximises their University or College experience.


By working together with numerology and Jyotish, we are able to see what field of study at what time will be for the highest benefit of the student. Knowing what your dharmic and karmic manifestations are,  allows you to make the right choices for your skill set, interest and passion perspectives, and future career opportunities.

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Set up your free 20 minute discovery session, to see if we would be a fit to working together.

Please note that this is an intro session only and applies to new coaching clients who are taking a package of coaching sessions. It does not apply for  Individual readings or Soul Discovery Sessions.

Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, as long as one always remembers to turn on the light



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what people are saying

“I have known Sue for the past 10 years. She is the most gentle and caring person I know. She has truly helped me through all my ups and downs in the last few years. She has this special way of conveying messages, to guide me on my path, even through the most difficult times. Just speaking to her during a session, she makes me feel more relaxed , reduces my anxiousness and worries as she eludes calmness and softness. I honestly think even just talking to her she sends out healing energy which improves my energy and how I feel.  "

karen, dubai, UAE

elena, frankfurt, germany

“I first met Sue when I became a caregiver for my aging mom who had dementia, truly one of the hardest experiences of my life. She helped me to understand what was going on, how to help my mom, but also gave me much needed resources and tools to use, so that I could cope.

I sent my son to her when he was struggling at University, and referred my sister to her when she was struggling with breast cancer. I tell everyone to speak to Sue!"

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