Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Hope is being able to see the Light in front of us ...

A little light dispels a lot of darkness.

  • All our workshops are now online, so that you can study in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

  • We host regular webinars and live stream trainings and workshops

  • Every month we produce an energy report of what you can expect from the month ahead based on the combination of Intuition, Numerology and Jyotish Astrology

  • We have two affordable subscriptions programmes --- the Conscious Action programme and the Monthly Mindful Moments programme




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Illuminate what is, so that you can move from darkness into light.

Conscious Action

Subscription: €199 per annum


In the Conscious Action programme, we leverage the concept of NATURE SUPPORT, by focussing in on the specific energy of each month throughout the year. If we understand what the energy of the month supports, what we need to release and let go of, heal and restore, or action and move towards, then we are able to leverage it, and maximise it to our very best benefit.


Each month, you receive targetted meditations, workshops, videos, pdf's, and worksheets each month, all designed to empower you to maximise your action plans as you go through the month.



Mindful Moments

Subscription: 69.99 per annum


You will receive a monthly meditation and mantra relevant to the month's energy, to keep you centred, focussed and coherant, month by month throughout the year.

The Kick Ass Programme

5 kick-ass sessions!


This is a series of coaching sessions, designed to shift you from STAGNANT and STUCK  to EMPOWERED AND VIBRANT.


We follow a precise formula that allows us to examine those areas of your life that aren't working and get them back on track ... and to identify those areas that are working so that we can magnify and maximise your strengths ... all designed to truly help you KICK ASS.


This is the perfect programme for the beginning of a new year, or after going through a hectic transitional period


Check out our library!


We have an extensive library of meditations, visualisations and stress release techniques. All have been professionally recorded and have been designed to allow you to enter into the deepest state of who you are, so that you can emerge truly empowered and enlivened.

Online Workshops

Check out our workshop store!


We have a wide range of online learnings to choose from, in a variety of themes: from lifeskills at the office, to family skills at home, to relationship skills with your significant other.


You can also browse through our library of more esoteric offerings: now you can learn numerology, face-reading, or expanding your psychic awareness through comfortable 'at home' training schedules.






Once a month we release an energy report of what the month ahead holds in store for us.  Sue uses a combination of Intuitive Awareness, Numerology and Jytoish Astrology to read the energy of the time.


At key times during the year we go live with Webinars to discuss what is happening, what you need to be aware of and how to leverage this for your very best benefit.


Make sure you join with us for our NEW YEAR special, so that you can harness the energy of 2018 in all its power!


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What if we could ride a beam of light across the Universe?



Albert Einstein

what people are saying

“The first time I met Sue was in South Africa, many years ago, when she had advertised her psychic development course on a website , and a friend of mine had suggested we attend. We loved her course, and begged her for more. Many years later when she told us that she was moving to Germany, we were devastated. We thought we would lose contact. She didn't disappoint us though..... she slid straight into professional online presentations. She adapted to the techno virtual world instantly. Sue created Facebook groups for her various interests and has developed online courses, webinars and presentations that are so user friendly."

nikki, johannesburg, south africa

“Over the years I have watched Sue hone her intuitive gifts into a masterful skill and practice. In a recent consultation I was fortunate to witness, I was filled with awe and inspiration and deep gratitude for Sue's incredible talent so expertly and yet humbly wielded. She gives 100% - always. Her entire ethos and drive is to be of service, to teach, to bring light and healing often in the darkest of spaces. Where so many are not able to see, Sue brings perspective and possibility. She is the ultimate bridging guide between our inner and outer world, between humanity and the Divine - helping us navigate the journey from futility and emptiness to meaning and fulfillment. "

louise, johannesburg, south africa

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 8am -5.30pm, (Central European Time)


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