Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Knowledge is light and love and vision ...

Helen Keller

Life is all about learning and discovering your inner light


I have been teaching workshops for the past 13 years, both in South Africa and Germany. Due to popular demand, I am converting the past 13 years worth of material into online courses, so that you can download them and go through them at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.


Scroll down to see the workshops we have already on offer .... and make sure you leave us your details so that we can notify you as more courses online.



Now you can truly discover the secret to empowering ALL that you are; when you understand power hidden in your date and time of birth, you will learn how to leverage your deepest desires, your skills and talents and work through your challenges and obstacles.  

Written as an easy to read guide to numerology that has been acclaimed by both newcomers and seasoned numerologists alike.

Insecurity, low self esteem and jealousy can wreak havoc on our relationships - and even though we tell ourselves to 'pull ourselves together and get over it' it can be the hardest thing to sort out on your own. 


In this book, Sue gives some very real advice on how to deal with insecurity and jealous flare ups, where it all comes from and how to work through it and heal from it .... once and for all.

Learn in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace

We will be constantly updating and adding to the page, as we convert more of our courses for online study

Beat the Bully

Signature Programme


€349,99  This is a 7 week programme


Project Bootcamp is perfect for when you are going through changes and transitions .... new years, new job, new relationship, new life phase - maybe even a new country on top of it all.  We go through the 5 bodies of being, and understand how the 5 drivers of human need challenge, direct and influence our behaviour and action and we start to build a CONSCIOUS and aware action plan of how to survive and thrive through the transition into the new you.


You receive daily work in the form of videos, pdf's, worksheets, meditations, exercises for 7 weeks PLUS a one on one coaching session with Sue to focus your energy and hone your action plan into a DO IT NOW plan.



€19,99 This is a one week programme


Like it or hate it, money makes the world go round.


In this short little mini course, we examine the energy of money, the nature of abundance and poverty consciousness, and how we create our own 'money script' that becomes our money reality.  We look at the power of cognitive dissonance and why we just cannot get what we want, no matter how hard we work.


You will receive videos, worksheets, meditations, pdf's and exercises in this laser focussed money mini workshop

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Shine, for you are of starlight and wonder.

Shine, because it is your Light that makes you beautiful.

Here are some of the titles in our video library 

Self referred or other people referred?


Are you focussed to much on what other people say about you? Do they have the power to shape what you do, how you act and what you think about yourself?


A must watch to break the cycle of 'other people referred'. This video is approximately 20 minutes long.

Your words have power


We know that the words we use have the power to build or break us - but most of our self talk is the result of our programme and we fall into well walked patterns and habits. This video is almost an hour long, and will help you to empower your self talk to a more constructive level.



This is a two part video, where we deal with the issue of procrastination and how to overcome it!

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Cognitive Dissonance


Cognitive Dissonance happens when we hold two extremely strong but opposing beliefs, for eg: Smoking is bad for my health; Smoking helps me deal with my stress levels.  Which action do we take? We follow the belief that has the strongest and loudest voice in our head.

This video is 20 minutes long.

Stress versus Resilience


Stress is a given in this day and age, it is part of our modern lifestyle.  We cannot escape it, so we need to learn how to increase our resilience to it.  This is a 4 part series, dealing with stress and how to cope with it.  Videos range from between 15 - 30 minutes in length

The fine art of Self Sabotage


For some of us, we have turned self sabotage into a fine art!  This is a three part video series on how to recgonise when you are getting close to self sabotage and what to do instead!

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We cannot hold a light to another's path

without brightening our own


Ben  Sweetland

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what people are saying

She is such an authentic person and she makes me feel safe and able to share and unpack my vulnerabilities with her. She has an awesome ability with language and is always able to express her point in a manner that hits the “sweet spot”. Sue really cares and wants to make a difference – I don’t say that glibly. I like to be challenged and often will be looking for the next best thing, but Sue has been one of my constant enabling supports. Her insights and talents have given me an advantage in so many areas and I am very grateful."

carolyn, jonannesburg, south africa

“I started off with the Conscious Action programme and instantly felt like this woman got me. It was not airy fairy, but real solid practical advice that translates so well into real life.I have snapped up every offering she has, because the way she describes things just resonate so well with me. I tell everyone they 'better call Sue' before making any huge decisions!"


isabelle, toronto, canada

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