Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

I wish you could see the extraordinary light of your true being

Isn't it time you became aware of the Soul Light that shines from within you?


At The Soul Lighthouse we start by doing a SOUL DISCOVERY SESSION with you.

You can choose from a variety of Soul Sessions --- each one as profound and illuminating as the next!

Jytoish (Vedic) Astrology

Jyotish Astrology is the most exciting, intriguing reading you will ever have, because it gives you the blueprint of who you are, what you are supposed to do with it and the 'how-to-live-your-best-life' crib sheet, all at the same time.



It is an ancient Vedic technique that is incredibly accurate, and is based on your date, time and place of birth. More than anything it reveals your Sacred Life Purpose in a way that will resonate deep within your soul, empowering you to truly begin to Live an Empowered Life.



Numerology Readings

All we need is your date of birth and a few dates of key events in your life, to be able to give you deep insight into where you are now, how you got here, and most importantly, what the heck to do with it all now.

Every psychic has a springboard to open up her intuition. I use Numerology as my springboard, and so a reading brings out the full depth of connection and intuition.

Sacred Blueprint

In this incredible session, we explore your unique Sacred Archetypes. We discover which ones are running your life, (normally between four and six), what each persona needs from you, how they operate, how they manifest, what their objectives and goals are.


We begin to understand what their Sacred Message is for your life, and how to work with each archetype in such a way that it liberates and empowers you to move forward with strength, healing and true confidence.

Your Money Blueprint

We all have a unique blueprint in every area of our life, and our bank account is no exception.  Just like we have a way of going through life in terms of work, relationships, health and opportunity, we also have a particular money game plan as well.

Understanding your money blueprint - how you attract and repel money - is the basis for changing your income stream to flow toward you instead of always in the opposite directions!

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Travel Light, Live Light, Spread Light ...

Be the Light.

There is a saying in Jyotish ... well begun is half done.


What we do when we work out your dates, is that we calculate the most auspicious date and time for all concerned to commence a specific venture, whether that be an engagement or wedding, a business launch, an event, or the release of a new book, product or service.


By harnessing nature support, and working together with the flow of beneficial energy, then you can make sure that the first step you take into your new endeavour sets the tone for the road ahead.

Relationships are not easy in this day and age. There always seems to be so many other demands on our time and resources, that relationships often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.


In this session, we explore your key relationships from a numerological and Jyotish perspective. This enables us to see where the challenges are, where the difficulties lie, what your compatibilities are and then how to work around your incompatibilities and stress areas.


If you know ahead of time how to respond in your relationship, every connection is beautiful!

We spend so much of our time at work ... and then it seems that we spend the rest of our free time, stressing or worrying about work.


During this session, we look at the work compatibilities of your business partners, work colleagues and support teams, so that you know how to leverage each relationship for maximum productivity and team connection.


This service is ideal for bosses, team leads, HR and recruiting personnel, as well as individuals who want to flourish within their corporate lives.

Check the date, confirm your compatibilities

Let nothing dim the light that shines from within

Maya Angelou

what people are saying

“Sue's insight into relationships is incredible. She reads the numbers and gives such accurate descriptions of the relationship dynamics and the personalities involved. She is brilliant in describing what each person needs in the relationship, how they operate, what the communication strategy needs to be, what is needed for healing. Saved my marriage, that's for sure!"

malcolm, auckland, new zealand

“Wow, wow, wow. A reading like no other!"

simone, boulder, usa

“I had a sacred archetype session which blew me away.  It was like she knew me inside out."

claire, atlanta, USA

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Mon - Fri: 8am -5.30pm, (Central European Time)


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