Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

As we meditate, we become light for ourselves ...

With meditation, your life will be filled with light, ease and power

We have a wonderful stable of meditations, visualisations and stress reduction techniques for you to work with, in a variety of themes and topics.


Each meditation has been crafted to allow you to enter the deepest state of relaxation and release.


Please also check out our wide range of podcasts, video's and ebooks, covering a variety of topics and themes




The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts.

It's to stop letting them control you.

Best Seller 

A powerful Chakra and Aura meditation experience, aligning each aspect of your being with Divine Light.

Length: approx 25 minutes

Best Seller 

A meditation that increases your awareness of your Auric Energy. We experience the aura, and observe how it constantly ripples and moves around us with consciousness.


Length: approx 27 minutes

This relaxing meditation allows you to enter into a space where you can release, and let go of the pressures of daily life. Allowing you to restore your strength and resilience.


Length: approx 20 minutes

Best Seller 

Best Seller 

Enter into a true relationship of love, honour and respect with the one that matters the most in your life:  YOU


Length: Approx 20 minutes

Best Seller 


I recorded this meditation after a blessed trip to visit the Avatar of Silence, Mother Meera. Beautifully compassionate and nurturing.

Length: approx 20 minutes

Best Seller 

A beautifully gentle meditation that invites you to step into a space of non judgement and non expectation with yourself and those around you.


Length: Approx 22 minutes

Best Seller 

This very gentle meditation will allow you to enter into a space where you can put your stress down, allowing you to find moments of stillness amongst the chaos.


Length:  approx 25 minutes

This meditation takes us into the awareness of the masculine and feminine energy within each one of us. We work with the Ida and Pingala energy.

Length: approx 15 minutes

When the pressure of the outside world gets too much, we need to be able to come home into a space of peace and calm, so that we can restore and regenerate our energies.

Length: approx 28 minutes

Give light and people will find the way


Ella Baker

Best Seller 


Here are a few of our meditations, and visualisation exercises around money, work, and changing our financial reality.

Please also check out our videos and podcasts for more products relating to the world of money, business, corporate and work.


If we can understand how money flows, then we can learn how to work consciously with the river of money energy.

Length: Approx 16 minutes

Best Seller 

Best Seller 

This meditation is best played in the evening, before you sleep. It gently takes you into a space to rescript your money beliefs while you rest.


Length: Approx 20 minutes

Best Seller 

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are resourceful, resilient and powerful enough, no matter what stressful situations we may find ourselves in because of work.

Length: approx 28 minutes

Play this before you even step foot into your office today.This meditation is designed to centre and balance you so that you can be truly empowered when you walk into the building. Start the day with light.​


Length: 10 mins

This is the perfect meditation to play before you go to sleep at night. It allows you to set the intention for your work day, before you even get there.


Length: approx 16 mins

If you want Light to come into your Life, you need to stand where it is shining

This range of meditation exercises allows us to focus on our inner world, balancing, harmonising, rejuvenating, healing and empowering our sense of self.


We are loading up new meditations daily, so please be sure to sign up for updates!  



Best Seller 

Best Seller 

Best Seller 

A very gentle guided meditation that brings us to awareness, not just of our physical body, but our emotional, mental, astral and spiritual bodies as well.


Length: Approx 24 minutes

This guided meditation teaches the compassionate service of sending distant healing to those in need.

Length: Approx 31 minutes

Grounding is an essential practice in this hectically busy world that we live in; and also because the energies of the time are so intense, we need to make grounding a regular part of our weekly meditation routine.

Length: Approx 33 minutes

what people are saying

“I have every meditation that Sue has recorded. Her voice is so very soft and gentle, and allows me to switch off from the world and my problems, and just connect with my Higher Self and the Universe. I start and end my day with her meditations."

sharon, dublin, northern ireland

“Before I met Sue, I had never meditated or done any 'conscious relaxation'. Now I am hooked.  She helped me enter into a space of inner peace and tranquility, allowing me to get over my anxiety about everything -- from money to family relationships, to work pressure and stress."


joe, munich, germany

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