Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

Healing the Past. Defining the Present. Empowering the Future.

The world is waiting for

               your Soul Light


Welcome to The Soul Lighthouse


 Conscious Life Strategies that work!


The Soul Lighthouse is an international

Soul and Conscious Living Centre. 


The Soul Lighthouse is run by Sue Schöning, a Master Numerologist and Vedic Astrologer. She combines these disciplines together with Life Coaching and Counselling modalities to create profound and lasting life transformations.


Susan has a rare skill set where she can: intimately understand your situation, identify the root dynamics operating, develop a corrective action plan and coach you step-by-step to a better and more conscious life. She is able to draw on over 20 years of experience in private practice, her extensive tool-set of spiritual and psychological techniques, and her comprehensive library of online digital content.


Sue has worked exclusively in the field for the past 22 years, and is based in Munich Germany. Using skype, and other online connection systems, she works with people from all over the world. 

Susan Schöning

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Numerology &


We use Jyotish Astrology combined with Intuitive Numerology to trace your Unique Soul Blueprint.


A Soul Reading experience that is practical, profound and empowering

In the right light, at the right time ... everyone is extraordinary.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with why we are who we are; what it is that makes one person succeed and another person struggle; why are some people effortlessly able to achieve success, happiness and joy, while others seemingly have to struggle through hardships and shadow.


The answers are to be found in our Soul Blueprint - that unique contract of Light that is ignited within each one of us at our moment of birth.


Once we are aware of our Blueprint, not only do we become aware of our Skills and Talents, but we also begin to understand what we need to do to leverage them. We receive the key to understanding how to face our challenges and obstacles. 


And we are able to look at our Soul Journey and not only make sense of our past experiences but heal from them --- so that we can become empowered in our present, so that we can step into the future we were born to create.



The day that you were born, as you took your very first breath, you inhaled the Infinite Power of the Universe into your body. This Breath of Life started to vibrate within your cells, activating and enlivening, awakening and energising not just your physical body, but your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well ..... and as you exhaled for the very first time, you breathed all that you are back into the Universe.


The energy of this exquisite first breath exchange ignites a resonance deep within us, our Karmic Soul Blueprint is activated and our unique dance of Life and Light begins.




Let nothing dim the light that shines from within

Maya Angelou

“When Sue first did my Sacred Archetypes chart, I cried with profound relief. Here was this woman, who didn't know me at all, describing how I felt all my life.  I had spent so many years feeling that there was something wrong with me - and then Sue explained who I was, and most importantly, how to use this knowledge to create a life of freedom and empowerment. It has been the most incredible journey with her. I cannot recommend her enough. Everyone should have their Sacred Chart done at least once in their lifetime."

amelia, london, england

what people are saying

“Sue has this amazing ability to cut through the crap, getting to the point in a way that leaves you wondering why the hell you didn’t come up with that yourself. But of course, when you’re in the bottle, you can’t read the label, and Sue is great at reading labels. "

kat, johannesburg

“Her methodology is to guide you through the layers of symptoms and perceptions, arriving quickly to the root of whatever behavior or conditions are troubling you. By visualizing patterns she helps you to react and think in a different way, thus enabling you to solve the core of the issue"

bm, munich, germany

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 8am -5.30pm, (Central European Time)


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