What is my Soul Purpose?

There really are two parts to this question.

Your Soul's purpose, quite simply is to BE who you are, which is a reflection of God, at one with the Divine. Your Life's purpose is how to express who you are in each moment, through what you DO, and that can be described through personal Dharma.

Your personal Dharma or Soul Purpose is the path you follow toward the highest expression of your own nature and toward the fulfillment of your responsibilities to yourself, to others, to society, and to the planet.

The Law of Dharma says that we all have a purpose in this life ... a unique Path, that allows us to reach our fullest potential, our highest expression of our Spiritual Self and our Human Self. Some call it our destiny or our fate. This doesn't however, remove us from free choice - although we may have a perfect Path laid out by the Universe, we have every right to ignore it, refuse it, or postpone it. (And maybe we'll pick it up in the next lifetime)

But wouldn't it be nice if we remembered our purpose when we crossed over from the energy-field to human form? But alas, it requires some inner work on our part, to re-discover our purpose. 

How do we ascertain and recognize our purpose in life? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it you most desire? That may be your first clue.
  • What 'flows' in your life?
  • What seems like fun, even if it involves work?
  • Is there something you do where you lose a sense of time, even while you're taking part in it?
  • Is there something that feel obstructive, provokes a feeling of sadness, makes your intuitive 'hackles' come up? This could be the Universe telling you that this is not your purpose.

For today, open your heart and mind to the Universal call to discover your own personal Dharma. This lifetime is a precious gift. Live it fully, and for the purpose that God has created for you and you alone.

The best gift you can give yourself this year....

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