Is there anyone else out there who thinks that the whole concept of TIME is changing?

It seems like just the other day and we were gathered around the Christmas Tree - but it also seems so far away that I can hardly remember any details of it unless I focus specifically.

In just two months of this year, it feels like we have done and lived an entire 12 months worth of work, emotion, energy, living ... and in speaking to many, many clients each month, I know that a lot of you are feel exactly the same way. 

There is an urgency about TIME now. A "hurry up, get your ducks in order, sort out your baggage, fix and heal whatever needs to be fixed and healed, get ready" kind of urgency. Some of you have said that it feels like there is a running out of available time to get ready before ... before WHAT exactly? It's like we are all getting the sense of something coming, something big that is going to shape and define our lives, but we can't quite grasp it yet. It's there, we can almost smell it, but we can't see it. It's a bit like walking down the street, and knowing that someone is baking bread because it smells so delicious and mouth-wateringly delightful, but not knowing which house the smell is coming from.

All we know is that the smell has awakened a hunger inside of us, a craving inside of us for freshly baked bread, and so we head off to the local shop and buy some bread ... only to find that it tastes a bit like eating cardboard and does nothing to satisfy that longing that was awakened by the smell in the street of freshly baked bread.

What is this all about? The numbers for 2014 show us where to look for clues and guidelines:

2014 gives us a number 7 when we add it up (2+0+1+4 = 7), and so we look first to the Sacred Meaning of the 7 to find some answers.

The Sacred Meaning of 7 is Soul Truth. It inhabits the Throat Chakra (which as you know governs will, communication and expression, personal truth, amongst other aspects), and it affects the voice, the ears, the throat, the lower aspects of the face, and the upper levels of the neck, shoulders and upper chest.

Whenever we are faced with Soul Truth, we are faced with big questions about who and what we are, what we truly believe about life, the universe and everything else. It forces us to examine those beliefs and understandings that we have come to as a result of our life programming, and to see whether they still hold true for us, - and if not, why we are allowing an age old programme to hold such immeasurable (and unquestioned) power over our lives.

And then Soul Truth demands that we take a long hard look at our lives, actions, and habits, to see whether we are congruent with what we believe - if we are, then things start to move forward in congruency and harmony. If we are not? Then we feel this urgency "to get ready, sort out, fix up, heal, fix the baggage once and for all and put it down" that so many of us are feeling right now.

Each of us ... that is over 7 billion people on the planet right now, all at the same time ... are being confronted with what is really true for them, which makes for a bit of unsettled time. (understatement!!!) Most people will try to push this concept away, because it is easier to carry on living as they have always lived. But many people will feel the call, and the minute they ask themselves "although I have done or said this all my life, I wonder if it really is true" then they start a journey that can only lead them deeper and deeper into Soul Truth.

When as a person I start to examine my truth and act on it, the ripples that I send out into the world eminate that action. Imagine now, if an entire country is changing its truth? All at the same time? 

Or a corporate? Or an army? Or the people of the world in what they accept of others trying to push "their" truth and claim it as more important?

When you stand back and begin to realise that we are all being confronted by this level of TRUTH ... and therefore what we will accept, (tolerate, put up with, or even embrace), it makes sense that there is an urgency to time.

it is almost as though the Universe is whispering to each of us (shouting in some cases) "Wake up. Look. Listen. Examine. What do you REALLY REALLY believe?"

Some questions to ask yourself as you move throughout the year:


  • Although I have been doing this action without thinking for so long, where is my truth reflected in this action (situation).

  • Is there really a congruency between what I say I believe and what I expect to receive? For instance: I say I believe in an Abundant Universe, which I do. But inside of me is also a belief that says Nothing comes for Nothing, and that success and abundance can only be acheived as a result of bloody hard work ... but only if you are lucky and in the right place at the right time. Both strong beliefs, but can you see how the latter will cancel out the former so effectively? Where is the congruency in this? Right ... there is NONE!

  • No matter what situation I find myself in, before I act or react, I will ask myself: Hmmm, is this true? What is the truth being reflected at me because of this situation? Is this my truth or an inherited or programmed truth? Gosh, I wonder what else could be true in this situation, a truth that I am not seeing? If I open myself up to see another truth, I wonder what that might be? As we stay in enquiry, we stay in possibility. The minute we revert to fact, we close the door to any other possible outcomes.

2014 is asking us, demanding that we get ready, that we get our Soul Truth aligned with Universal Truth, and that we start doing this before June and July. Why? I don't know what it is in each of your personal situations, but I do know that as a global consciouness, we are being asked to move forward in TRUTH and Sacred Truth at that.

(if you need help in finding your Soul Truth, let me know)

The Voices in Your Head ...

The other day I joined a friend for a rare cup of coffee in town. I say rare, because it is something I don't do often... take a day off from everything and everybody, and go and sit in a down-town cafe and just natter about life, love and everything else. One of my "internal dialogues" goes something like this: "you need to be working and productive, you cannot take time to goof off, you have to be busy at work and capable, you have to pay your way through life, and contribute just as much if not more than anyone else."

Anyone else have that dialogue going? Or a dialogue that keeps you persistantly persuing some activity or other, in a nagging phonic loop? Like, "I can't eat that chocolate cake, or spend money on myself, or I need to be as skinny as I was when I was twenty something, or I cannot take time off for me, or the house needs to be spotless in case the queen drops by for a visit, or I need to out-perform others in order for people to see my worth, or ..... " 

I found myself saying the other day to my husband, after a particularly gruelling weekend of renovation, ".... well, now nobody can call me lazy, can they?"

Huh? Where did THAT come from? The one characteristic that I would definitely say is not one of mine, is laziness. In fact, I err on the opposite end of the spectrum, where I keep on working, and feel really really guilty if I am not working, or if I am taking time out and doing nothing of "value".

I decided to do some self-work on the issue of laziness, to see where it had come from. Where in my past had I been lazy? Who had held me up as the poster child for laziness before? Where had I made that critical decision that in order to survive, people had to recognise that I work hard (and harder or hardest) so they could never think I was lazy?

The first thing to do was to go into a space of meditation. So I closed the door to the outside world, lit the candles and some incense, allowed my energy to calm into a deep meditative space, and I asked the voice of LAZINESS to speak within me.

Surprise, surprise, it wasn't my voice.

It was a chorus of voices, all of them very loud, male and female, telling me that I would never amount to anything because I was so lazy. When I looked at myself receiving this information, I was far, far younger... a child, a teenager. 

And then, asking my higher self to assist and guide me, opening my throat chakra to hear and receive this voice of laziness, and asking my soul truth to express itself, I invited the voices, one by one, to come forward and say what they needed to say. But not to say it to the child and the teenager I used to be, (and often is still within me) but to the adult me, with this adult awareness of consciousness. The adult me who works hard almost all the time, and who needs permission to take time off.

  • It was a teacher, who called me lazy and humiliated me in front of the class once too often ... and so I stopped working completely in his class, almost with the attitude of, well, 'if I have the label I might as well behave the way you think of me'.


  •  It was an authority figure who completely stressed and frazzled with his life, took it out on the kids around him, and used them to do everything while he sat in a space of anger and blame, getting angry with them when they didn't do what he wanted, and labelling them with words that fit HIM more than the kids. He was in a space of mirroring and reflecting, not in a space of reality, but of course as a kid, how could I know that? 


  • It was a parent who, crippled by depression, simply couldn't do much of anything for a long time, and it was MY WORD that I had used to label her with when I took over the running of the house at a young age. As an adult, I absolutely understand the crippling power of depression; as a child, how could I?


  • It was a younger me that had made a decision that said... in order to be able to control your environment and SURVIVE at a basic level,you need not only to be working all the time, but also to be seen to be working. It was a younger me that made the decision that said approval and recognition only come if you are seen to be working to the level that meets with somebody else's ideal of what hard work looks like.

Wow, those were huge insights right there. And so, in this awareness of where this surpressed energy inside of me had come from, I asked the LAZINESS what its message was for me? What it was trying to tell me about my life? And the answer was so clear: 1) to help me control and protect my environment, so that I could feel safe, and 2) to allow me to gain approval and recognition from others.

And the minute I got that truth, I could feel the rigid belief system of "you have to work your butt off in order to survive" beginning to crumble. For years I have been trying to work "smart" and not hard, but how can I really get that right when a fundamental belief system has been programmed into my energy since my early child-hood?

How can I work smart and earn smart money, when my truth says "nothing comes for free, and if it is not visibly covered in sweat, blood and tears it is not worth it" ?? How can I earn money or be succesful unless other people see the hard work going on? 

Do you see how this works?

The programme that gets cemented in place as a young child ends up running the show as an adult until we are awake enough to challenge it ... and change it if neccesary. For me - this time - it was around this issue or laziness and hard work. What is yours? One of my clients has an issue that says "no relationship ever lasts"; another has an issue that says " unless I do everything for everyone, I am not worth anything"; another has an issue around health, another around weight, still another around sex and intimacy. Do you have a limiting belief?

The point is that we all have these limiting programmes, that WE put in place as children, with the awareness we had as a child. I made my decision for this coping mechanism about laziness at the ripe old age of 6. It might be appropriate at 6. It sure ain't helpful as a 49 year old woman!

Where to from here?

  • healing that child within me, with the conciousness of the adult I now am. Sending the love, safety, approval and recognition I needed then to the child I was, from the adult I now am. 
  • opening my heart chakra and simply pouring the love and awareness from my adult me to the child within me.
  • hearing the message the LAZY voice wanted me to hear, and thanking this part of me for going through this experience so that I can now act with awareness as an adult.
  • moving into witnessing and concious behaviour and to set MY OWN ADULT LEVEL of what smart work looks and feels like ... in other words, re-writing the programme.

Today, to choose to remember that I AM THE PROGRAMMER, and not the programme.

What voices are keeping you stuck? What internal dialogues are running your life?

Today, I choose to work SMART and not simply hard or long. To respect the voices and needs inside of me, and to give them the love and approval they need from my current space of awareness and consciousness. And oh yes .... to give myself time to relax, to goof off, to take time for coffee every now and then.

Does this resonate with anyone? I would love to hear from you!


All love,

Susan Schoning

A prayer for women

As you know, I do readings, healings, and therapy, and somehow over the past few years have built up a busy international practice, so most of my work is on skype or online.

Some readings stay with me, because they are so powerful, touching, special in some way, and this was one of them.

As I "read" this young woman's energy from Chicago, I kept seeing her surrounded by female genitalia. I knew it wasn't her sexual orientation or preferance, as she was happily engaged to be married to a young man.

I knew it was connected to her work ... but she was, like me, a counsellor, a healer, a therapist, not a doctor or midwife.

I asked her why I kept seeing these visions of female genitalia, and she started to tell me the most heartbreaking stories of female circumcision. Stories that are very real for too many women across the globe. Stories of absolute horror and pain, that mark the lives of young girls, some as young as three years old, who are shown in the most graphic and brutal way possible that what they have between their legs is filthy and needs to be cut away and thrown to the vultures to eat. That in order to be an acceptable woman, they need to destroy her very essence of femininity.

This last weekend, I got caught up with the most horrific film on TV, on this very subject. A true story. I cried with horror and then with such sadness for young girls and for women, for whom this is a very real truth.

Today, please pray with me for these young girls and women who face this journey. Lets pray for the societal pressures that enforces these kind of mutilations. (often it is the older women, and not the men, who are more militant about it). Pray for the women who fear their wedding night and sex. (on their wedding night, they are "cut open" to allow the penis to penetrate. can you imagine the pain? the trauma?)

Pray for recovery and healing. For the men and women who are activists against these kind of barbaric and antiquated ideals. Just pray.

(My clients story has been shared with her kind permission)

- The Prayer Network - 


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It explains it, it doesn't excuse it!

It took me such a long time to realise - and own - this truth. 

That no matter what may surround me, no matter how people treat me, no matter the circumstances on the outside - the only person who controls the way I act and behave is me.

It is so easy to say "you made me", "its your fault", and "I am this way because of the experiences in my life". It is human nature to point fingers and to blame other people when things don't go the way we planned, or even when we KNOW deep inside that our behaviour has been lacking in some way.

But the reality is, the external only explains our situation and our feelings, it doesn't ever excuse my response to it.

I choose today to act with responsibility and consciousness ... toward me first and foremost, and to remember that I am always in control of how I behave.

To blame someone else for the things I say or do is simply giving my power away.

My affirmation for today:

Today I stand in my power and behave with consciousness.

- Susan Schoning, The Soul Lighthouse -

Languages of Love


The last couple of weeks have been really interesting ones from a perspective of relationships. Everywhere I turned it seemed, people were struggling with challenges in their personal or intimate relationships and it reminded me of that wonderful little book developed by Gary Chapman, about 15 years or so ago, on The 5 Languages of Love.

He says there are five ways that we give or receive love:

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Physical Touch
Acts of Service.

And that unless we are aware of this, if our love language is not expressed or reflected by our partner, then no matter how much they pour out their love to us in THEIR way, if it is not a way that WE recognise or resonate with, we can feel decidely unloved and unappreciated ... and vice versa.

And as we know, feeling taken for granted and unappreciated is a death bell for relationships.

My Love Language with my family and husband is very definitely Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch. I hug, I caress, I play with hair, I hold people in my arms, I hold hands, I touch shoulders and arms when I am talking, and I love it when my family walk in through the door at the end of the day and give me huge hugs and kisses. We are a very touchy feely family, and I love it. But also, if my family give me good words of acknowledgement and validation, I will (and do)do anything for them. If they don"t, I shrivel into a space of resentment and non appreciation, which spirals rapidly into "I don't want to play this game anymore".

My husbands love language is Physical Touch and Acts of Service. He shows that he loves me by the things he does for me. Now that I KNOW this, I see every act as his gift of love to me. But before I realised this, that his acts of service were actually expressions of love, I didn't "see" them for what they were, leaving me wondering why he didn't ever say the words I needed to hear that made me feel loved, and him asking himself what he had to "DO" in order for me to feel loved.

Can you see how misunderstanding could happen here? That both of us are showing and pouring out our love, but we were using the wrong language code to express it, and so instead of our partner feeling loved and adored, they felt slightly incomplete.

Now we KNOW what our love languages are, I no longer crave words of affirmation from him, but he tries really hard to let me hear what I need. I now also SHOW him how much I adore him (hence the whole renovation journey ... I mean what is not to love when your wife has spent 3 days stripping paint in the bathroom for you?). The result: we both feel safe and held and supported and ADORED by each other.

It is such a simple concept, but so profound. And as always, it is the simple truths that remain true.

if you haven't been introduced to the Five Languages of Love, do yourself and your relationships a favour and have a look at this website:

If you know it, but haven't thought about it in a long time, then just spend some time thinking of your key relationships and how each one in your life gives and receives love. When we speak the love language that our partners and children crave to hear, you will be absolutely amazed at the beautiful results that emerge.

- Susan Schoning, The Soul Lighthouse -

Guru Purnima

22 July

Today is Guru Purnima, the day that we give thanks to our teachers, to those who have guided us, those who have made us aware of who we are, and who have helped us to set our feet on the right path.

We traditionally think of teachers as those who come wearing saffron robes, the enlightened ones, those who walk in peace and gentleness and light ... and if you have been lucky enough to have experienced the love and devotion for such a person, then today is the day where you give them thanks for all they have done for you, and for their continued presence in your life.

I have been exceptionally blessed to have experienced the teaching and love of some beautiful souls along the way, and so today I give thanks to Graham Gernetzky who started me on my journey, to Master Kumi who walked with me for such a long time during the middle, and to my Guru, Syathi Sai Baba. Ihonour you all today as men of God, and Bringers of Light and I am blessed beyond measure to have experienced the love and guidance of three powerful men in so very different ways.

What is also true is that sometimes the teaching is not through bliss and light, but through hardship and difficult times. Through situations that we thought were unbearable and that we were unable to survive, ... yet somehow we did. To circumstances where we had lost everything that we thought we were, the very identity that we thought defined us ... and yet somehow we found there were deeper levels to us than we ever knew existed.

Sometimes teachers are not those who come to us with kind words and gentle auras, but rather those who rub us up the wrong way, say unspeakably harsh words, break us down instead of building us up. What are they here to teach us? The answer is different for all of us, but they are teachers just the same.

The broken hearts, the betrayals by dear friends, the loss, the despair ... each one brings a message of teaching. We don't get it while we are going through it, this I know. Sometimes it is only later that we realise the learning that has come through a particular walk we have endured, a person who has broken our shells, a situation that forced us to look for alternative solutions when the ones we had been hoping for have been taken from us.

We humans are a funny lot ... when faced with a teaching of light and one that forces us to go through pain and suffering until we realise the light for what it truly is, we tend to opt for the painful route. And yet, these situations are teachers and bringers of wisdom in no less way than the Guru, or the Priest, or the Wise Woman.

Today, whatever your situation, give thanks. Give thanks firstly for those who have been teachers of light, and signposts of wisdom and guidance for you. Give thanks for the situations that, although unspeakably hard, teach us the most about who we are and possibly more importantly WHAT we are.

And then give thanks to yourself, for YOU are the vessel that holds the light. Give thanks to YOURSELF for walking through those dark situations and hard times, for hanging in there when all hope had crumbled into despair, and if you can ... for those people who have betrayed and hurt and broken you.

For it is only in the breaking of the walls that we build around us the true light of God can penetrate the darkness.

Today, I give thanks to those on my journey who have had made the breathing hard, and the future seem dark .... because these times and people have forced me to turn and hold onto the light outside and within me all the harder. And holding onto the light, no matter the circumstance that got us there, is ALWAYS A BLESSING!

Wishing you all a blessed Guru Purnima today.

"Everyone does the best they can with what they have at the time"


I have so often said this statement, but the last few weeks have really forced me to accept the truth of it.  
How often are we hurt, or angered, or upset by the actions ... or non action ... of others?  How often do we find ourselves wanting, expecting, needing to see certain actions being taken and have felt at first betrayed, then deeply hurt, and then massively angry when it just doesn't happen?
We are all on a spiritual path: we know that carrying anger is like carrying poison in the heart, turning every aspect of life toxic.  But how do we release this kind of anger when it comes from hurt or betrayal or pain?
The last few weeks made me realise the truth of this statement: what if the other person CANNOT act differently because they simply are not capable of it. Never mind the shoulds or musts or 'how can they not in this day and age', what if they simply are NOT CAPABLE of doing or acting in the way we need to see them act?
Whether that is because they don't have the consciousness, or the heart matter, or indeed, the brain matter to act ... it is irrelevant. The choices that each of us make are dependant on our level of consciousness, heart, and soul at the time; the actions and non actions that result from those choices are the best the person is capable with at that moment in time.
And as with all Spiritual Truths, it turns the question very neatly back in on ourselves: 
If this is the best he can do, am I willing to accept his best right now in this moment? 
If everyone does the best they can with what they have, what choice am I going to make right now, that allows me to be the best person I can be, to vibrate at the highest potential of my current consciousness, heart and soul understanding?
Damn this soul journey!!! Because while the human response says, stay angry, be mad, stay broken, refuse to give in, the Spiritual Vibration says ....
Do the best with all that you have. Accept. Let the anger go. Put the resentment down. Forgive. Do the best with ALL THAT YOU ARE, right now in this moment.
Writing it like this, thats the easy part. Practicing what I preach? Now that is a minute by minute challenge of trying to stay in MINDFUL ACTION.

Remain in Soul Integrity

Meditation Practice for the Week:

This thought has been resonating in my head for the last while: nothing anyone does is because of you. Every thought or action, every behaviour and consequence, every joy or suffering is because of the individual's interpretation and choice of how they respond to a situation or to a person.

This doesn't mean that we can just behave without thought or conscience, or awareness of the impact of our behaviour on others ... far from it. But it does mean that if we behave and act with soul integrity towards ourselves, then soul integrity towards others will AUTOMATICALLY follow, whether they chose to see it as integrity, or rather choose to misunderstand it and then judge or criticise us.

When we get offended by the way others act (or don't act), it is because we actually want them to realise how important we are to them, how important our needs and desires are, and treat our importance accordingly. We may call it respect, or decency, or basic human values, but essentially what we really want is our needs and desires to be recognised and valued.

It is an age old dance, one that demands that we stay trapped in the rhythyms of ego and satisfying the ego. We behave or say something, and someone is offended by what we have done or said. They behave or say something back from this space of personal offense, and we find ourselves offended or hurt.

When we find ourselves offended by others, it is a sign to transcend the moment and go back into that space of soul integrity. At the core of the ego response is the comment: Do you KNOW who I am? How can you treat ME this way?

At the core of the Soul response, is the question: Do you know that you ARE the 'I AM'? Why do YOU continue to treat yourself this way?

In meditation moments this week, spend time asking yourself this question? Who am I? Who AM I? What AM I? What beliefs do I hold and continue to practise about how I treat myself? Am I behaving to suit others' beliefs, or am I behaving in integrity with my beliefs?

We go into moments of prayer or meditation to God, the Angels, the Divine Source and ask that we be blessed, that our actions and our thoughts receive Divine Blessing.

This week, with everyone around you pass on this blessing, YOUR blessing in moments of meditation ...especially to those who have made you feel offended, and those who are seemingly offended by your actions.

As the Divine Sources blesses us, bless the person who is in your space bringing discord or disharmony, or making you feel judged or criticised. As we bless them and their actions, a funny alchemy starts to happen ... not within them, but within US. We find it hurts less, offends less, causes less pain.

And from this space of less ego and less clutter present yourself, your SOUL, into that stream of Divine Blessing and allow yourself to truly enter into that space of Soul Integrity.

I love you, I thank you, Please forgive me, I am sorry
I love you, I thank you, I forgive you, I am sorry
I love ME, I thank ME, I forgive ME, I am sorry.


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