Forgiveness. It sounds like it should be the easiest thing in the world to do. So why is it so hard?  When  someone has hurt or wounded us, why is it so hard for us to be able to release the pain, to surrender to the journey, to forgive the other person and let it go?

Because it HURTS, that's why.

When we have had our hearts broken, or have been wounded by another's thoughtlessness or cruelty, it is so hard to put the pain aside and put to move a point of forgiveness. After a divorce or break-up; after the trust has been broken and a friendship lost; after hopes and dreams have been dashed; after an agonizing betrayal, it is hard to move to a space of forgiveness and release.

And even though we KNOW in our heads what needs to be done, our SOUL is crying out for comfort, for understanding and healing. In Operation: Forgiveness we work with your sacred Numerological and Jyotish charts to create a Soul Breakthrough that will allow you to understand the Soul-message this experience has for you, in such a way that you can move through the anger and pain to a point of true Soul-surrender and Soul-forgiveness.

We start with a Soul-Discovery Session before agreeing on the best way forward. Programmes are divided into weekly modules and include vital coaching and  counselling sessions via skype. We combine meditation and visualization exercises together with self discovery worksheets and awareness activities.


Reclaim your Soul-Power and liberate your Soul-Truth to a space

where you can achieve true Soul-Forgiveness.     


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