Maybe like me, you live in a foreign country and not yet sure enough of the language to actually study in it. Or perhaps you live too far away from any Spiritual Centre to join in a learning programme. Or maybe your day is just too hectic to fit in yet another commitment, no matter how much you may want to expand your knowledge.


Welcome to The Soul Academy Online!

We have adapted a few of our most popular courses for online study, with more waiting in the wings. Each course is presented in modular form, complete with meditation exercises, personal testing and practice sessions. The material is laid out in an easy, logical process, and allows you to integrate each week's lessons with what has been learned from the programme already. we use PODCASTS, Worksheets, Video, Slide Presentations, Personal Discovery and Tuition Sessions, Group Feedback Calls, and Daily Online connection through Closed Facebook Groups and Google Plus.

Online support is always available, and certification is sent to you on completion of required standards indicating you have absorbed and are proficient in the theory covered.

Courses available now:

Intuitive Numerology 

Beginner and intermediate programme

The Chakra  & Aura System 

This programme works from a beginner introductory level, through to an intermediate programme, and is completed in an Advanced module aimed at emotional and health practitioners in both the complementary and allopathic worlds. This powerful workshop provides tools that can be used and adapted at the most simple - or in contrast, the most profound levels of life.

Intuitive YOU!

Learn how to listen to your Intuition, and then to train and develop it, on this fascinating 7 week programme



To find out how you can benefit from the above courses, email [email protected]

We offer a comprehensive range of workshops and experiences on all aspects of the Soul Journey. Click here to get your copy of our workshop schedule.


Soul Discovery

  • Introduction to Contemplation, Visualisation and Meditation
  • The structure of the Universe
  • Understanding the Chakra System (introductory - advanced)
  • Karma, Dharma and Soul Purpose
  • Anatomy of the Soul
  • Anatomy of the Physical Experience
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • The Goddess Within
  • Amongst others

Intuitive Living

  • Developing your Intuition
  • Developing your Psychic Ability
  • Working with Angels and Guides
  • Aura Reading
  • The Power of Numerology
  • Face Reading and Body Talk
  • Working with Divination Tools
  • Manifesting your Reality
  • The Secret of Success
  • Astral Travelling and The Astral Plane

Life Skills

  • Surfing the Shadows
  • Forgiveness
  • Emotional Blueprints
  • Soul Empowerment
  • Dealing with Divorce
  • Recovering from Trauma
  • Death and Dying
  • Illness and Loss; Change
  • Invincible YOU! Seven steps to Self Empowerment