Understanding the Past. Supporting the Present. Empowering the Future.

The lighthouse symbolises guidance, allowing us to journey safely through the stormy and turbulent seas of life.

The light shines brightly, no matter what the weather, no matter how rough the oceans become, allowing us to guide our ship through the rocky patches, the sand banks, the dangerous undertows, until we reach the shore.

It is a powerful reminder that if we, as travelers on this Journey of Soul, keep our eyes and intentions on the light, then we too will reach that place where we can come ashore and be bathed in Divine Light.

We offer you:

  • The Soul Lighthouse :  Your Online Spiritual Connection
  • Invincible YOU! : The Living Consciously Programme - now online
  • The Soul Network: A Meditation and Spiritual Network Community
  • The Prayer Network :  A global community of prayer and healing.

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