Depression is like a Living Death.


Depression. It saps our energy of all joy, all  happiness, all positivity; it overwhelms in its relentless soul-destroying cannibalism of our very being; it brings with it a constant barrage of self hatred, low self worth and overwhelming self cruelty. It destroys lives — not just our life but also the lives of those who share our space.

What if I told you that I have struggled with debilitating depression for most of my adult life? And what if I told you that I have found a key which will help you not just to overcome it this time round, but that will enable you to deal with it and HEAL it once and for all?

In Dealing with Depression, we work with your sacred Numerological and Jyotish charts to create a Soul Breakthrough that will allow you to understand the message your recurring depression is trying to give you. We show you how to listen and act on that message in such a way that you can achieve true and lasting liberation PLUS realize your Soul Purpose, all at the same time. 

We start with a Soul-Discovery Session before agreeing on the best way forward. Programmes are divided into weekly modules and include vital coaching and  counselling sessions via skype. We also combine meditation and visualization exercises together with self discovery worksheets and awareness activities.

Reclaim your Soul-Power and liberate your Soul-Truth by Dealing with your Depression.     

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